The Federation of St. Teath & St. Breward


St Teath CP School Curriculum Statement 2018-19

The creation of the North Cornwall Learning Trust in October 2019 gave the member schools (St Teath, Camelford, Otterham, St Breward, Sir James Smith’s) the opportunity to review, improve and redesign their curriculum offer to  their pupils.

St Teath took the opportunity to work with Camelford Primary School to begin the creation of a curriculum that followed a thematic approach, allowing learning across the curriculum to be linked and relevant.

The classes at each school have been structured to correspond with the other school so that joint planning, visits and moderation can take place. So, each school works in four phases – Early Years, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. This means each phase works on a curriculum that follows a two year rolling programme.

The starting point for each topic comes either from children’s interests, local opportunities or teacher’s identifying themes to broaden children’s experiences and opportunities.

A good example of this is the ‘Titanic’ topic. Cornwall has a long maritime heritage which children are aware of and wish to explore. Teachers have identified learning opportunities that can be explored to take children beyond their current level of understanding and experience. The Titanic theme leads to a broader world view, key elements of history, DT, Science, geography etc all whilst building on some local knowledge and experiences of children in Cornwall.

Each topic lasts for either a half term or a term. The whole curriculum is planned to ensure breadth and balance.

The detailed aspects of each topic are planned on a termly basis by teachers from Camelford and St Teath working together to take advantage of resources, visits and trips that may be available for both schools to use to increase and improve learning opportunities for children at both schools.

The planning for each phase for each topic will be added as it is planned.


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